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DMV Appeals Attorneys in New Jersey

Helping You Fight Penalties for Traffic Charges

If you have been charged with a traffic violation or related offense, you may be able to file an appeal with the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Typically, DMV appeals are filed when a traffic offense leads to driver’s license suspension.

Your driver’s license may be suspended if you:

  • Have 12 or more points on your driving record
  • Are arrested or convicted of drunk driving (DUI/DWI)
  • Fail to provide proof of automobile insurance
  • Are found to have caused an accident that resulted in a fatality
  • Are charged with reckless driving
  • Fail to pay previous traffic fines and/or related costs

Once you have received a Notice of Proposed Suspension (typically by mail), you must request a hearing to appeal the suspension within 25 days of receiving the notice. After 25 days have passed, you will no longer be able to file an appeal with the DMV.

If you need the assistance of a DMV appeals attorney in New Jersey, contact the Cifrodello Law Offices. Our team assists clients throughout Cranford, Elizabeth, Linden, Summit, and Plainfield.

Appealing a Guilty Verdict

In addition to appealing the suspension of your driver’s license, you may also appeal a guilty verdict. If you are convicted of a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you could face serious penalties, including steep fines, driver’s license suspension, mandatory community service, and imprisonment. You will also likely have points added to your driving record. If you accumulate 12 or more points, your license could be automatically suspended.

If you wish to appeal a traffic offense conviction, you must do so within 20 days of receiving the guilty verdict. You will have to pay a $100 fine in order to file your appeal, along with any additional costs associated with transcription services.

A successful appeal could result in:

  • All charges being dropped
  • No points added to your driving record
  • Zero penalties or related fines
  • No increases in your auto insurance rate

If you successfully appeal a traffic violation conviction, you will also be able to keep your driver’s license. For many, driving is not a luxury—it is a necessity. If you rely on your driver’s license to get to work and provide for yourself or your family, it is crucial that you speak with a New Jersey DMV appeals attorney who can help you work to avoid driver’s license suspension.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Fight a Traffic Offense in New Jersey?

The simple answer is no, it is not required that you have an attorney present in order to fight or appeal a traffic charge. However, it is highly advisable that you seek honest legal counsel and aggressive representation if you want a better chance of securing an optimal outcome in your case.

At the Cifrodello Law Offices, we understand the complexities of this area of law. Our skilled New Jersey DMV appeals lawyers have what it takes to fight for your rights. We understand what is at stake, and we are here to serve as your aggressive advocates. We can help you take the necessary steps to file an appeal, prepare for your hearing, and work to retain your driving privileges. We are proudly client focused and results driven; let our firm fight for you.

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