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Expungement Attorney in New Jersey

Clear Your Criminal Record

An arrest or conviction can haunt you for life. It can affect employment opportunities, your education, and your finances. Fortunately, there is a way to clear your criminal record. In New Jersey, a Superior Court judge has the authority to grant an order that expunges, or clears, your record. Expungement is only available in certain scenarios, so we recommend talking to an attorney about your options and whether you qualify.

It starts with a free, confidential consultation with a skilled professional at the Cifrodello Law Offices. Our New Jersey expungement lawyer knows how these laws work and will be honest in assessing your situation. If you qualify, we will work aggressively to secure an expungement as quickly as possible.

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Benefits of Expungement

If your record is expunged, you can legally answer “no” when asked by a potential employer as to whether you have ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime. Your reputation and opportunities are greatly benefited when you do not have a criminal record.

Expunging your criminal record is critical if you want to:

  • Apply for certain types of jobs
  • Apply for admission to college
  • Secure professional licenses

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Tired of having a conviction or arrest on your record? Our New Jersey expungement attorney is here for you. We serve clients across Linden, Plainfield, Cranford, Summit, Elizabeth, and the surrounding communities. There are a number of exceptions and qualifications pertaining to expungement in New Jersey, but we thoroughly understand these matters. We frequently work with clients seeking post-conviction relief and are fully prepared to represent your interests.

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